Residential Transactions

Buying or selling a residential property is a transaction that many Americans will enter into at some point in their lives, and though it is true that some choose to go through this process without legal counsel, opting to have a real estate lawyer on your side during residential transactions is beneficial for several important reasons.

In residential real estate transactions, your lawyer is there to make sure that things not only go smoothly during the buying or selling process, but to ensure that there are no costly surprises after the transaction is complete. When buying a home, a real estate lawyer will help you fully understand the numerous contracts you’ll be signing and make sure that your rights as a purchaser are not violated or dismissed. Additionally, your lawyer will make you aware of any terms or conditions present in these contracts that might potentially cause difficulty or cost you money after the buying process is finished.

For those on the selling side of residential transactions, a real estate lawyer can make sure that you are not held liable for issues arising after the sale. Sellers need protection just as much as buyers do, and a seller’s attorney will make sure that–among other things–the contract stipulates a fair percentage of damages owed if the buyer doesn’t fulfill the contract terms and that the property is represented accurately in the contract to reduce the risk of liability in the future.

Chluski Law has decades of experience helping clients in South Florida on both ends of residential real estate transactions. From start to finish, we’ll help you make the correct decisions and ensure that your rights as a buyer or seller are not violated. Residential transactions are best when both parties leave satisfied and feeling secure; if you’re thinking of buying or selling your home, please call our office at (561) 931-0439.

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