Quiet Title Actions – Tax Deeds

Quiet title actions are lawsuits intended to clarify the ownership of real estate that is in dispute. Basically, when more than one party claims ownership of a specific piece of land, a quiet title action can be filed to determine the rightful owner. Quiet title actions may be filed to settle boundary disputes, to clear up ambiguity in the existing title, or for other situations where more than one party claims outright ownership of a property.

Tax deed sales are done by government agencies in an effort to recover tax money that was not paid by a property owner. In essence, when a substantial amount of taxes are owed, the government agency they are owed to takes the property that the delinquent taxes are associated with. These tax deeds are then auctioned off, frequently with an opening bid equaling the amount of back taxes owed plus interest and expenses. Tax deed sales are often viewed as excellent investment opportunities, but because the original property owner typically has a substantial amount of time to buy the property back after the sale is complete (often a year or more), buyers need to be especially aware of the laws surrounding their purchases.

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