Landlord Tenant Evictions/Defense

The relationship between landlord and tenant is a contract that is meant to benefit both parties. Both landlords and tenants have rights, and in a good relationship, these rights are acknowledged and upheld on both sides. Unfortunately, disputes between tenants and landlords are not uncommon, and when difficulties arise, having an experienced lawyer on your side is an absolute must.

For a landlord, tenant evictions are some of the most stressful and trying aspects of the job. If an eviction is handled improperly, the loss of a month or two’s rent might be the tip of the iceberg. A landlord must be sure that the grounds for eviction are solid and that the eviction process is carried out lawfully; here is where an attorney can be indispensable. Lawyers help landlords create notices and warnings that are properly drafted. Additionally, a lawyer will ensure that every step of the eviction process is carried out without infringing on tenants’ rights, protecting the landlord from future liability.

On the other side of landlord/tenant evictions is the eviction defense. For tenants facing eviction, defense can take many forms including a landlord’s acceptance of partial rent, lack of proper notification, claim of retaliatory eviction, and lack of maintenance. Here, an attorney will make sure that the tenant understands all of his or her rights and helps the tenant to create a solid claim of unlawful eviction. If an eviction is pending, it is a good idea to act quickly; a good lawyer will make sure that the tenant’s rights are not violated and that the proper steps to a resolution are taken swiftly.

Landlord/tenant disputes and evictions are governed by different laws in different states. Since 2004, Chluski Law has been serving South Florida clients on both sides of these disputes and has the experience to give excellent counsel to landlords and tenants, alike. If you are in need of a lawyer for an eviction or a tenant defense case, you need to act quickly. Call our office at (561) 931-0439 to discuss how we can help you.

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